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Fascias, Soffits and Guttering
Maintaining your existing woodwork is not only time consuming, it costs money too. Gone are the days where ladders can be used to paint your rooflines. A rotting roofline can really let your property down aesthetically. It can also cause structural damage leading to woodworm and could encourage vermin.

So isn't it time you considered replacing your old rotting roofline with quality, weather resistant, long lasting UPVc from T & T Rooflines that needs neither painting nor repairing, no matter what the weather?

Eaves Protection Systems

Pitched roof underlays are normally dressed into the eaves gutter, leaving a strip of material exposed. Some underlays can deteriorate and even disintegrate after relatively short exposure to water and sunlight. The omission of support to the felt at eaves level allows the felt to sag.

This can allow any water finding its way underneath the tiles to collect and cause a problem known as ponding. Left undetected this water can discharge behind the fascia which causes premature wood rot and potential damage to ceilings.

Our eaves protection system not only sures this problem by offering a rigid support to the felt underlay but it also bridges the gap between the fascia and the guttering. This minimises any streaking marks on the fascia board and helps keep it clean.

Roof Coatings

New energy efficient product - no more dampness! Seals porous roof tiles!

Create a fashionable new appearance for your home by restoring your roof without the expense of a full re-roof. Our roof coating will not only enhance the appearance of your home but will reverse the effects of weathering and time to add value to your home. T&T Rooflines coating is a low cost alternative to renewing your roof.

Does one or more of the following apply to your roof?
If you answered YES to any of those questions, you need The T&T Rooflines Renovation and Total Waterproofing System.

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